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Crime Visualization Software

What is Crime Visualization Software?

Software that enables crime visualization allows law enforcement to connect the dots. Since many people learn through sight, visualization software provides the images needed to highlight links or connections between events.

With a solution like geospatial crime mapping in the public sector, all the data points gathered will appear on a map. For example, let’s say you are looking at a specific neighborhood and notice there are multiple points indicating burglaries in this area.

From here, you can look at each reported crime and see if there are any relations between them. They might turn out to be entirely unrelated incidents. In that case, you would know that this particular neighborhood is at a heightened risk for burglaries. Then, you could develop a plan for lessening this type of crime and warning people in the neighborhood of those events.

With crime mapping software, you can apply these same principles to private sector crimes, such as insurance or identity fraud.

Private Sector Crime Mapping

Now that we’ve covered the basics of how crime mapping works, we can apply it to a corporate or business viewpoint. Crime often occurs within organizations much like it does in the public. When your business is affected by internal crimes or cybercrime, geographic information system (GIS) crime mapping can help you make connections.

Insider Threat  Crimes

Insiders are people who have access to your resources, including present and former employees or subcontractors. These people get your information, whether intentionally or by accident, and expose it to the unauthorized. Some types of insider crimes include sabotage, organized crime and violence.

For example, you may have to investigate an embezzlement case. Has it happened before? If so, your crime map could show you the other instances of embezzlement within your company. Maybe other issues also occurred within your business, such as information leaks. With a crime map, you would visualize each of these data points to see when they occurred, where they happened and who perpetrated the crime.

With this visualization, you might be able to connect the dots between the incidents. Where you once thought people from two separate departments hardly interacted, you now see a connection. They could have co-conspired on these crimes to harm the company.

From this situation, you might even find more suspected individuals and remove them. At the very least, crime visualization software allows you to record the incidents for future reference.

Fraud Crimes

Perhaps one of the most common types of crime in the private sector is fraud. These crimes are usually complex, which can take even more time to unravel than many other forms of private sector crimes. Fraud is harmful to employees, customers and the business’s reputation, so it’s vital to find the links pointing to corporate fraud.

Here are some common types of fraud that occur in businesses of any size:

  1. Tax fraud: This includes deceptive practices used to avoid tax liabilities.

  2. Insurance fraud: This type of fraud involves untruthful reporting of damages from fire or natural disasters.

  3. Identity fraud: Identity fraud includes dishonesty about one’s identity to receive financial gains.

  4. Financial statement fraud: Financial statement fraud can involve misleading reporting of sales, revenue or other vital business numbers.

Uncovering corporate fraud is a daunting task. Whether you are investigating for your own company or on behalf of another, crime mapping can help you connect the dots.

If you are hired to investigate potential insurance fraud, the company may have offices throughout several states in the U.S. Perhaps there have been reported incidents at some of the other locations. While you work on the New York office case, visually seeing the crime data from Denver and Los Angeles might help you make a connection.

With crime mapping software, you can pull up the data from these other locations. Kaseware geospatial analysis tools allow you to look at heat map tracking and create geofences. With this feature, you’ll see reported incidents and data that might pertain to your case. The Denver and Los Angeles incidents could seem more closely related than you thought, and they might tie directly to the New York case.

With GIS crime mapping software, you could see connections where you might have missed them before. This ability might allow you to expose an array of interrelated fraud incidents throughout the company.

Try Kaseware Crime Mapping Software Today

While the above scenarios are hypothetical examples of crime visualization, using software like Kaseware is beneficial for businesses in the private sector. If you suspect fraud or insider threat crimes, investing in GIS crime mapping software can help you find connections and stop threats. Schedule a demo with us today to experience the benefits.


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