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Celebrating Four Years With ShadowDragon


ShadowDragon and Kaseware are celebrating four years of partnership, a collaboration which has resulted in operational growth and advanced solutions for investigative case management and data analytics.

Since 2018, our partnership has provided an integrated solution and the vital tools needed to support complex investigations and open source intelligence (OSINT) operations to both public and private sector organizations.

ShadowDragon’s advanced OSINT collection tools and capabilities when utilized with Kaseware’s powerful graphical link analysis application together has revolutionized how critical investigative data is captured, analyzed, and visualized.

“We always recommend the best partners in the space,” said ShadowDragon Founder and CEO Daniel Clemens. “With Kaseware’s background in case management, coupled with the tenacious striving of excellence, the partnership was something we pursued. The market has responded to our partnership, I can’t say enough good things about how our teams have complimented our customers time and time again.”

This experience-driven development has created tremendous value for users like:

  1. A fully integrated experience for investigators

  2. A single view of both internal information as well as open source intelligence

  3. Persistent OSINT searches for timely, mission critical insights 

“ShadowDragon as a company is a lot like us,” said Dorian Deligeorges, the Chief Executive Officer at Kaseware, “they are a team made up of experienced cyber security practitioners who understand the industry and sought to create a system capable of doing the kinds of things they always wanted during their time in the field. A partnership was a tremendous opportunity to support those around the world keeping their organizations, communities, and countries safe.”

ShadowDragon and Kaseware support vetted law enforcement, public servants, and corporate organizations who provide protection to their communities — by continuing to work together towards a common goal, we can save lives, reduce crime, and hold others accountable.

Free Live Webinar

Hear from ShadowDragon and Kaseware team members on the accomplishments we have made together during the last four years and preview the tools we will be delivering to you in the future. We will also bring you through a step-by-step demonstration of our platforms to showcase the powerful solutions resulting from using ShadowDragon and Kaseware together.

Register today to secure your webinar attendance. Thank you for celebrating with us!


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