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Announcing Kaseware Version 3.17

The Kaseware Team is proud to announce the latest version of the Kaseware application – Version 3.17.  This update comes with a number of enhancements that we are proud to share below.

Application Upgrades

  1. Advanced search optimizations including the ability to search for items based on relationships or the absence of a relationship to other items

  2. New ability to export multiple items as a combined PDF, specifying the order of items and the custom PDF profiles to use

  3. A new visual indicator when simple entities (location, phone, email, etc.) have been auto-matched in the system

  4. Ability to update tags and classifications in bulk via investigation and search listings

  5. Significant performance enhancements for bulk imports and document navigation

  6. Major additions to the GraphQL API capabilities including optimized search and retrieval capabilities

The upgrades listed above are just a portion of new features. Kaseware users can click the “About” link inside the Kaseware platform for the complete list. Thank you to all of our Kaseware customers! With your feedback, we continue to grow and enhance the system for everyone.

* Note: Please contact Kaseware if you have any interest in these new integrations, as they require more detailed configurations, system modifications, and potential purchase of the associated products.

Schedule a free demo today to learn more about us, our support offerings, and our incredible product features.


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