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Advisor Spotlight: Douglas Scott

Outstanding Advisors

Kaseware is honored to have an incredible team of advisors. Our advisors are leaders in their field, hailing from military, corporate and non-profit sectors, with both substantial domestic and global experience. Today we want to highlight another one of our long-standing advisors, Douglas Scott.

Scott has over 40 years of extensive law enforcement experience including serving as the Chief of Police for Arlington, the City of Fairfax and Fairfax County in Northern Virginia, as well as serving as the Assistant Inspector General for Program Integrity for the US Department of Interior Office of Inspector General. We are thrilled to have him on board!

Photo of Doug Scott While He Served as Chief of Police for Arlington Police Department

Doug Scott served as Chief of Police for Arlington, Virginia as well as Chief of Police for the City of Fairfax and Fairfax County.

Why Kaseware

In Scott’s own words, “Several years ago I was given a demo of Kaseware and heard the story of Kaseware’s founders. I was impressed enough by the system that I agreed to serve on the Kaseware Advisory Board. My background as a career law enforcement officer and as a Chief of Police for three different departments has been helpful for the company to understand how Chiefs and Police Departments assess software systems.”

“I believe Kaseware offers tremendous utility. Most agencies have to purchase multiple systems to replicate what Kaseware offers. I am extremely impressed by the Kaseware team who have made multiple upgrades to the system since the first time I saw it demonstrated. I recently told a fellow Chief of Police that if it was available when my last department was getting ready to purchase a new RMS, I would have strongly recommended that we purchase Kaseware. That’s something that I would not say unless I was a true believer. I have never seen a system with the power and utility of Kaseware. I believe it’s head-and-shoulders above the products offered by current system competitors.”

“I have never seen a system with the power and utility of Kaseware. I believe it’s head-and-shoulders above the products offered by current system competitors.”

About Douglas Scott

Douglas Scott has nearly four decades of law enforcement experience including 17 years serving as a Chief of Police. He began his law enforcement career as a Police Cadet with the Fairfax County Police Department in 1975. In 1995, Chief Scott was appointed as the Chief of Police for Fairfax County. Fairfax County PD is the largest local law enforcement agency in the Commonwealth of Virginia. During his tenure with Fairfax County Chief Scott held a number of important command positions including serving as the Director of the Public Safety Academy, Commander of the 9-11 Dispatch Center, District Station Commander, Patrol Bureau Commander and Night Duty Officer. In 1998, he retired from Fairfax County and was named Chief of Police in the City of Fairfax Police Department. He left local law enforcement briefly in 2000 to join federal service when he accepted a position as an Assistant Inspector General for the US Department of the Interior and remained in that position until accepting the position of Chief of Police in Arlington, VA in April of 2003 until he retired in 2015.

He retired from active law enforcement service in 2015 and has been providing public safety consulting services and conducting law enforcement leadership training. He is also currently an adjunct faculty member teaching criminal justice courses at Marymount University.

Chief Scott holds an Associate’s degree in Police Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science. In 2005 he received his Master’s Degree in Public Administration from George Mason University. He is also a graduate of the FBI’s National Academy (157th Session), the FBI’s National Executive Institute (19th Session) and the Naval Post Graduate School Center for Homeland Defense & Security-Homeland Security Executive Leaders Program. In 2009 Chief Scott was elected to serve as the President of the VA Association of Chiefs of Police (VACP). Until his retirement in 2015, Chief Scott served for many years as an Executive Board Member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).


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