Investigative Intelligence Platform

When conducting investigations, intelligence professionals can generally collect data considerably faster than they can process it. For this reason, it’s often challenging for investigators to analyze and draw connections between intelligence when handling large data volumes — especially those containing widely varied information. If you’ve ever worked on one of these cases, you’ve probably experienced firsthand how time-consuming and complex it can be to manage investigative data.

The key to organizing and evaluating disparate data quickly and efficiently is using advanced criminal intelligence management software to facilitate the data linking and assessment process. With an innovative big data analytics platform, you can manage and automate intelligence to streamline operations while ensuring that your assets, networks and personnel are safe. 

At Kaseware, we offer top-of-the-line investigative intelligence software designed by federal agents for investigators of all types. Our web-based platform comprises a comprehensive suite of integrated features that make investigations faster, safer and easier.



Make Your Data Deliver With Kaseware’s Investigative Intelligence Software

When conducting crime intelligence analysis using large, complex datasets, you can potentially impede progress due to a lack of processing speed and efficiency. We developed our investigative intelligence platform to optimize data collection, management, analysis, assessment and visualization to help investigators optimize their decision-making capacity.

Kaseware can manage your investigation operations, records, evidence and cases seamlessly using built-in dashboards, link analysis tools, intelligent forms, case management systems and other innovative features. When you use our criminal intelligence management software for your investigations, you’ll be able to:


  1. Conduct more productive investigations.
  2. Boost insights and clarity.
  3. Improve operational efficiency.
  4. Visualize and understand data connections better.
  5. Increase user experience and satisfaction.
  6. Customize case workflows and reports.
  7. Verify data faster.
  8. Eliminate information silos.
  9. Experience an economical software solution.

“Investigator’s dream tool kit.”

Christopher J. McGourty | Executive Director, NAORCA Worldwide

Quicker Access to Better-Quality Intelligence

Before Kaseware, intelligence agencies had to invest in technologies from numerous vendors to obtain all the features they needed, resulting in slow, expensive and incompatible processes. Now you can access all the cloud-based tools you need to maximize investigative efficiency with our next-level software.

  1. Reporting and Dashboards

    Our team management software enables users to communicate, collaborate and report to all investigative partners deftly and transparently. Kaseware makes data disclosure simple by generating detailed reports and graphics that are easy for stakeholders to interpret and understand.

    This investigative intelligence platform also comprises customizable user and supervisor dashboards, task management tools, records management features, per-user access controls and other advanced characteristics that eliminate information silos and boost process efficiency.

  2. Link Analysis and Visualizations

    You can create visual connections between datasets using Kaseware’s automated link analysis features. Our crime intelligence analysis platform enables users to develop and modify relationships, nodes and entities automatically or manually, physically connecting the dots through organized charts.

    Our link analysis platform also includes entity extraction tools that instantly recognize and extricate standard and custom entities. You can use this feature to identify specific entities across all systems, knowledge bases and applications and obtain all relevant records and relationships.

  3. Intelligence Searchability

    Natural language processing (NLP) and topic discovery go hand in hand. Kaseware’s state-of-the-art investigative intelligence platform enables intuitive searching by combining these concepts within a single source.

    Our software uses a blend of computational linguistics and machine learning to process human language and correctly analyze and interpret its meaning. Through this high-tech feature, you can identify themes and draw meaning from data collections and text for more accurate topic discovering and modeling.

  4. Open-Source Intelligence

    With our open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools, you can search for criminal intelligence across hundreds of web channels — including the open web, social media, the dark web and the deep web — to access valuable data. We designed this software to help users centralize intelligence into a single database to automate timelines, geospatial analytics and link analysis. These features enable investigators to easily identify emails, keywords, names, phone numbers and aliases that are crucial to their investigations.

Invest in Dependable Criminal Intelligence Management Software

You can optimize your crime intelligence analysis techniques with advanced investigative intelligence software from Kaseware. Our platform offers access to an extensive suite of integrated tools and resources through a single source. We designed this revolutionary system to deliver the value, organization and efficiency we wished we had when working on critical cases ourselves.

Whether you’re a part of the intelligence, law enforcement or corporate security community, you can benefit from Kaseware’s many intuitive and user-friendly technologies in your investigations.

Contact us today for more information on our software solutions. You can also schedule a demo to see how our intelligence platform works firsthand.