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National POW and MIA Recognition Day

A Special Day

Each year, our nation recognizes our military personnel who have been listed as a prisoner of war or missing in action. This year, the National Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Recognition Day falls on Friday, September 18th and will be observed with multiple events organized by the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. On this day, it is important that we all pause to recognize the sacrifices made every day by those whose loved ones have been, or still are, listed as POW or MIA.

“I Will Never Leave a Fallen Comrade”

The U.S. Military has a long history of commitments to bring everyone of its members home, and this is something that sets our country apart from others. Every soldier, like me, that enters the U.S. Army learns the Soldier’s Creed and recites out loud, day after day, “I will never leave a fallen comrade.” This mentality and commitment is the reason that the remains of missing service members are repatriated at every opportunity given, and that finding those remains is the daily task of many of our fellow countrymen. This commitment to those who have served our country is unique, it is exceptional, and it is something that we should all be proud of.

As a veteran and as a member of Kaseware, a team devoted to service, I ask that we take time today to remember those that served like this before us.

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