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Kaseware Attends The Women Impact Tech Conference

Women Impact Tech Conference

Kaseware was proud to participate in the Women Impact Tech Conference on July 12th & 13th, 2022 in Denver, Colorado. This unique community space is an opportunity for women to share in thought-provoking dialog and to build new connections in an environment dedicated towards diversity and inclusion.

Over two days, the Women Impact Tech Conference featured keynote speakers, panel discussions, tech demonstrations, mentorship workshops, and various networking opportunities. With over 100 progress-driven companies attending, Kaseware is proud to further the conversation on closing the gender gap within the tech industry. 

Breaking Down Barriers

Historically, women are underrepresented in the tech industry. According to the US Department of Labor, 27% of workers in STEM fields in 2019 were women, while in engineering positions women made up just 15% of the workforce. The proportion of women in technology fields is disproportionately low, both in academia and in professional settings, according to the latest statistics. 

By addressing the various obstacles women may face when learning and entering technology fields, the Women Impacts Tech Conference aims to dismantle systemic barriers and rebalance privilege and power in tech.

Kaseware Speaker – Korinne Condie

Kaseware couldn’t be more proud to have our own Chief Customer Officer Korinne Condie featured as a keynote speaker at the Women Impact Tech Conference. Her dedication to customer success within Kaseware has been monumental to the company’s success in recent years, and that is in addition to the positive work environment she helps create every day. 

Speaking on the topic of navigating career progressions & transitions, Korinne was given the opportunity to share her own career experiences with those interested in the tech field. “My first year at Kaseware was one of huge personal and professional growth.  I worked closely with the founders of my company to develop a deep relationship and trust in my abilities.” says Korinne Condie, “This allowed me to successfully present my proposal of developing a customer operations team and grow from Director of Customer Success to Chief Customer Officer in 10 months. The lessons I learned in that time were some of the most important of my career, but learning to advocate for myself in my work has been key to my success.”

To learn more about Kaseware’s involvement at the Women Impact Tech Conference, visit our LinkedIn to see related photos and testimonials from the event!


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