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Memorial Day 2020

By Mark Dodge

Remembering Our Fallen Heroes

This Memorial Day will be unlike any other in memory. The parties, pool openings, and camping trips that traditionally come with this day are not possible for the majority of the country. I, like many others, will lightly add this to the list of 2020 realities that I’ll look forward to moving past.

At Kaseware, you might say that we are defined by our optimism. At our foundation, it was optimism that provided the confidence to a small team of dedicated FBI agents that they could change their organization for the better. That same optimism drives our daily belief that our hard work and expertise can create the best tool for public safety and security professionals everywhere.

And so I try and take that optimism into my thoughts on this holiday. As 25% of our employees have served their country in uniform, holidays like Memorial Day always hold a special significance. We know this weekend really is not about the festivities, but instead is a pause to remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  It isn’t accurate to say that this hasn’t been on our minds in the past, but it is probably fair to say that we have more time than normal to honor the memory of those that truly deserve it.

Please join me and the rest of the Kaseware team as we pause and remember our fallen heroes.  

Mark Dodge is the Chief Business Officer at Kaseware. He is a former intelligence officer with extensive experience in both public safety and corporate security software solutions.


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