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Leadership During a Global Crisis

By Dave L. Brant

Leadership During a Global Crisis

The mission of the US Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) is to provide criminal investigative, counterintelligence, counterterrorism and overall security support to the US Department of the Navy. As the Director of NCIS for nearly nine years, I encountered numerous challenges related to those mission areas. Both the attacks on the USS Cole and 9/11 occurred during the time I was Director. During the most difficult of those times, there were many “what do I do now” and “this can’t be happening” moments. As a leader, and observer of other most successful leaders, I learned a few lessons. Among them:

True Leadership in Times of Crisis

  1. True leaders acknowledge they do not have all the answers… they depend on input from those around them with as much or more specific knowledge. In the most critical moments, good leaders absorb information and make thoughtful decisions.

  2. True leaders are always candid, forthright and honest, even in the face of “what do I do now” challenges.

  3. True leaders constantly communicate to all staff levels especially during the most dire circumstances.

  4. True leaders have a vision of “what’s next”.

  5. True leaders embrace the toughest challenges.

None of us has faced any equivalent of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But I believe we as nation embody those five traits I outline above. And as a result, I am more than confident we will get through this.

Turning to Technology

Recent technological innovations like Kaseware are one of the reasons I have such optimism about our government and corporate responses to global crises. Kaseware presents an opportunity for shared knowledge across silos and borders that we’ve never previously experienced. As a result, this could make it possible for organizations and nations to be better prepared and have better responses to extreme challenges than ever before.

We at Kaseware provide ourselves as a company on our ability to provide mission support to our public safety and corporate security practitioners. We are constantly developing our platform to meet their growing needs. As this global pandemic continues to take us into uncharted territory, we will keep listening carefully to our clients. And we promise to continue to apply and adapt Kaseware’s capabilities to help mitigate some of their toughest challenges.

Dave L. Brant is the Chief Strategy Officer at Kaseware. He is the former Director of NCIS and has over 40 years of extensive public safety experience. Fun fact: Shortly before retiring as NCIS Director, Brant was asked to guest star in one episode of the famed CBS television show NCIS.


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