Manage your in-field workforce and organize quick responses with Kaseware’s real-time operations software.

Kaseware’s Dispatching and Real-Time Operations capabilities work cohesively with Kaseware’s Records Management System (RMS) and analytic tools by connecting information directly from dispatcher’s reports and auto-populating documents and forms.

Take calls, dispatch, and communicate

to coordinate activities

in the field 

Information available via

laptop, tablet,

and mobile

Integrates with all

other tools within


Computer Aided Dispatch

Computer Aided Dispatch through Kaseware offers many time saving features, such as:

  1. Multi-Tenant Dispatch

    Dispatch multiple organizations at once from one central location.

  2. Multiple Responder Options

    Allows multiple dispatchers to be on a single call.

  3. Live GPS Tracking

    Through ArcGIS, geolocate all officers in the field with real time data and provide directions to calls for service.

  4. Command Line Dispatching

    Allows you to use short code while reporting to increase response time when recording a caller’s information.

  5. Timers

    Set timers for a variety of uses such as a fixed amount of time between checking on a unit’s status. 

  6. Alerts

    Send alerts, either ad hoc or predetermined, to all units on the field to notify of potential threats or updates on events.

  7. Track Usage

    From the moment a call is answered, Kaseware will automatically track user data, such as which dispatcher took a call, how much total time was spent on each call, and how many total calls for service were answered.

Never Retype Information

Traditional dispatch workflows using both a CAD system and a RMS typically involve the laborious process of someone retyping information into forms and reports after a call is received. This additional step can be a time consuming process which lowers response time and introduces the possibility of errors if identical information is not entered correctly. 

With Kaseware, dispatch workflows are redesigned for efficiency and accuracy by removing the need to retype information. Submitted forms are routed directly into the system where they can be accessed for further additions, exported via multiple formats, and where entities can be identified and linked to all other information in the system.

Configurable Forms

The reports originating from a dispatch are completely customizable to your organization’s needs. Based on the type of incident being reported, forms within Kaseware will automatically include the necessary fields and can even have additional information included at the discretion of the user.

An easy to use interface is key to accurate reporting, and with Kaseware’s user-friendly fields  the available answers to choose from can be reduced to only the correct options.