Administrative Controls

Have your COTS and Customize it Too

Configure your forms

& workflows

Your business processes can be implemented with drag and drop tools

Reports without a

line of code

Reports come out of the box and you can also build your own

SSO (Single Sign On) Integration available to save even more time

Whether SSO, LDAP, or other integrations, we have tools to make installation easier

Tenant Controls

Change what you see in the system.

Tenant controls allow every aspect of the Kaseware platform to be changed to be presented visually exactly the way that is best suited to your organizations. With Tenant Controls, both the system used by your team and all forms and documents that may be available to the public are configurable, ensuring solidarity as well as proper understanding throughout everyone involved. Information in the system such as titles of entities, menus and the corresponding answers, and all other terminology can be changed.

Administrators may also utilize Access Controls on their platform. Types of items entered as well as types of cases can have access designated to specific members while revoking others. There are four levels of access to choose from:

A list of your personal tasks keep you up to date on all your daily, weekly and monthly responsibilities. Tasks from your team will be displayed on the home screen of your platform so that they can be easily checked and edited.  Those same tasks will not only define the work that needs to be done, but guide you to the form, case, or other activity required for completion.

  1. Update Access

    Users are able to see and edit things within the item or case.

  2. Read Access

    Users can see all items within the item or case but cannot edit or modify. 

  3. Restricted Access

    Users are able to see it exists within the system but cannot view or edit anything within the item or case.

  4. No Access

    When someone is granted No Access to an item or case it will not be visible to them in the search results and they will not be able to edit or view it. 

Business Processes

Change how the system works for you.

By adjusting the business processes within admin controls, you can personalize the processes surrounding how forms and documents are made. Designating Administrative users in your organization ensures that forms and documents are made to match the rules and regulations surrounding your work and generate forms usable by all other members of your team. 

Business Process controls provides several powerful ways to customize forms and documents, such as:

  1. Build Unique Forms

    All forms and documents can be built to exact preferences and be as complicated or simple as needed. The drag and drop form builder makes it quick and easy to include all the information important to your organization, as well as using premade templates to get you started. Additions such as drop down menus can be included within forms to maintain congruent answers.

  2. Manage Modifications

    Your needs and organization will be understood thoroughly by one of our solution architects so Kaseware is best tailored to your needs.

  3. Route Submissions Correctly

    Set automatic routing for certain types of forms to ensure that when specific submission is entered it goes to the correct person every single time.

  4. Manage Approvals

    Through administrative controls it is easy to set guidelines for required fields that are needed in order to mark a form as completed. This function can be done for individual forms as well as all forms under a certain type.

Not Only Easy To Use, But Always Supported

Training of administrators is standard with all Kaseware licenses, and regular follow up training is available with every software release, about four times a year. Ad hoc support or training will be from the same person who helped install your system…someone who knows you and your company. To learn more about the services provided by our customer service team, please visit our Professional Services Page.

Security At Its Core

Kaseware is founded by FBI Cyber Special Agents with a history of safety and security. We have built this experience into every aspect of Kaseware to ensure that all users and their information is protected. That experience influenced access controls, monitoring, and administrative reporting, giving you the ability to not only know your platform is secure, but also actively monitor it in real time. 

Kaseware is recognized through annual SOC 2 Type 2 audit, CJIS Accreditation, and Countless Customer Security Reviews. To view all of our certifications and security measures, please visit our Security and Certifications Page