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OSINT Software

As an investigator, you likely have exclusive access to many advanced intelligence gathering and analysis tools, but don’t underestimate the value of open-source intelligence (OSINT) software. These platforms give users access to an endless data supply while interpreting this public information for investigative use.

What Is OSINT Software?

Open-source intelligence is data that is legally obtained through openly accessible sources for investigative purposes. This intelligence can come from the internet, public governmental records, IP addresses or other publicly available platforms. Once collected, this raw data can be analyzed for greater clarity and understanding, ultimately promoting better decision-making.

OSINT tools facilitate the data collection and analysis process using artificial intelligence features to gather as much information as possible. This software helps streamline the reconnaissance process, assisting users in narrowing down data to reach a target by discovering relevant outside information, accessing public assets and aggregating data into actionable intelligence.

What Types of Data and Information Are Open-Source?

You can find open-source information across numerous publicly accessible sites and sources, many of them on the internet. Some types of data you may come across amid OSINT investigations include:

  1. Public records databases.

  2. Social media sites and networks.

  3. Photos, images and videos.

  4. Government websites, documents and reports.

  5. Mass media, such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and websites.

  6. Maps and commercial imagery.

  7. Online publications, discussion groups and blogs.

  8. Academic publications.

How Are OSINT Tools Used in Investigations?

Because there’s so much information readily available to the public, investigators often use OSINT tools in their open-source investigations to make sense of this data. Examples of OSINT software solutions and their investigative applications include:

  1. Email breach lookups: These tools allow users to search for email addresses that have endured data breaches.

  2. Fact-checking websites: Fact-checkers are popular OSINT tools that give users insights into public information that is inaccurate or misleading.

  3. Hacking and threat assessment: Threat assessment software enables investigators to gather information on hackers and other cybercriminals and determine their goals. 

  4. OSINT image search: OSINT image search tools are different from standard search engines because they can identify, locate and interpret online images, helping law enforcement obtain information about people, evidence and geolocations.

  5. OSINT search engines: With these tools, you can identify significant search patterns, receive alerts for keyword searches and use advanced filtering tactics.

  6. OSINT social media search tools: OSINT software runs social media queries that go beyond standard applications and web sources. You can download information about social media users, including their friend lists and followers, to make connections between individuals.

  7. Analysis software: These tools are particularly helpful for investigators, enabling them to collect evidence, record online activity, analyze intelligence and create detailed graphic displays.

  8. Virus scanners: Virus scanners allow users to check URLs and files for malware.

Implement OSINT Software Into Your Open-Source Investigations With Kaseware

You can discover valuable insights in your OSINT investigations with open-source intelligence tools from Kaseware. We designed our investigative platform to make solving cases faster, safer and easier by making resource management more efficient than ever.

Schedule a free demo to use our OSINT software today.


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