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National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

As we commemorate National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, Kaseware stands in solidarity with law enforcement professionals worldwide, recognizing their unwavering commitment to protecting and serving our communities. This day provides a moment to express our gratitude made by these brave individuals who selflessly dedicate themselves to upholding law and order. 

At Kaseware we take immense pride in our team's diverse backgrounds, which include several individuals with extensive experience in law enforcement and public service. One of those members of our team is Dave Brant, former Director of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

“As a law enforcement professional for nearly five decades, it's been an honor to serve with and support local, state, federal, and international law enforcement communities. We at Kaseware are continually motivated to provide unique and direct support to those same communities.”

We welcome everyone to join us in expressing their gratitude today and everyday for the men and women who strive to protect and serve our communities.


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