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Guide to Creating a Proactive Insider Threat Strategy

Everything You Need to Deter, Detect, & Mitigate Risk from Insider Threats

Every organization is at risk from insider threats. This guide was developed to help your agency or organization take the steps necessary to not just effectively manage insider threats but to prevent them from happening. 


Download the guide to get: ​

  • The steps to take to build out an effective and proactive insider threat program

  • A methodology for identifying behavioral indicators of potential insider threats

  • A list of insider threat identification tools and risk assessment resources

  • Recommendations and best practices for managing insider threat cases

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Download the Guide

Click here to download

Investigative Case Management 

For Law Enforcement, Corporate Security, & Government Agencies

Kaseware was founded by former Special FBI Agents who created Sentinel — the investigation case management software still used by the FBI today. Our team is made up of experienced individuals from law enforcement and military backgrounds. We know what it’s like to serve the public and our communities and are dedicated to serving those who serve. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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