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Meet Our Employee – Scott Schons

Highlighting an outstanding member of our team

We are thrilled to highlight an important member of the Kaseware team, the Executive Director of Finance and Security – Scott Schons!  With a long history in public safety and a vast knowledge of physical and cyber security, Scott’s addition to the team has had a positive impact on the company and the Kaseware application.

About Scott Schons


Scott Schons joined Kaseware in January 2021 and was quickly promoted to Executive Director of Finance and Security in December 2021.  Prior to joining Kaseware, Scott had a 22 year career with the FBI beginning in Utah in 1999. He later transferred to Denver, where he served 14 years and came to meet Kaseware founders Dorian Deligeorges and Nathan Burrows. While serving as a FBI Special Agent, Scott investigated Cyber, National Security and Criminal matters. He prosecuted complex financial crimes, computer intrusions, and violent crimes. In addition, Scott led a team of government experts to successfully mitigate cyber threats posed by foreign adversaries as well as routinely worked with law enforcement, corporate and foreign partners. Most notably, he was responsible for apprehending a FBI Top 10 Fugitive. 

Scott served as a Team Leader for the FBI Evidence Response Team as well as InfraGard Coordinator for the Denver Division, a program focused on protecting critical infrastructure. In 2019, he was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent responsible for the White Collar Crime Program. There he oversaw Investment Fraud, Corporate Fraud, Bank Fraud, Money Laundering, and Health Care Fraud matters while leading the FBI Rocky Mountain Financial Crimes Task Force. 


During his career, Scott received the FBI Exceptional Performance Award and the United States Attorney’s office Award for Excellence. 


He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Minnesota State University Moorhead and his Master of Business Administration from the University of Montana. He is a CPA and obtained several Cyber Security Certifications. Prior to joining the FBI, Schons worked in the Accounting Departments for FirstBank and Brundage-bone Concrete Pumping. 

Scott’s time at kaseware

When it comes to security and compliance, Scott uses what he has learned from his 22 years with the FBI to ensure the Kaseware application is a secure platform for all of our customer’s data. He oversees all employee security as well as the physical security of locations and technology used at Kaseware. In his dual role as Finance Director, Scott also manages company and client transactions, ensuring compliance with current financial regulations. 

We are proud to have Scott Schons as a part of our team! To read more about the many valuable employees working at Kaseware, please Visit our Blog to read their stories.


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