Records Management Software

Easily control your records to comply with your regulations without custom code.

What Is Records Management Within Kaseware?

Records Management within Kaseware is an area of the platform accessible to those assigned the “Records Manager” role. Here, every item created within Kaseware can be processed in the manner required by your organization. Items are then reviewed, modified if necessary to ensure proper format, and signed off or approved for further use. This fundamental step in the investigative process maintains that every item created by a member of an organization follows the proper regulations.

Built With Core Capabilities Every Records Manager Needs

All records and documents are controlled, monitored, and can be audited for your peace of mind. Records Management tools include many features to make auditing quick and easy:


  1. Common Reports

    Automatic reporting that showcases the number of a certain case type documented throughout the year.

  2. Ad Hoc Reporting

    Reports built around the requirements of your organization, such as how long they are in service or en-route to a call destination.

  3. Audit Logs

    Have confidence that you will know who accessed, edited, and sent any record in the system with automatic logging of user activities.

Flexible Retention Options

Store your data no longer than needed

Customizable data retention options allow record managers to set rules around the timeframe that data is stored within the system, enabling you to meet the regulations important to your organization. Set the framework of your data retention to your exact preferences, with various options such as:


  1. The timeframe of the retention 

    Set the parameters of your data retention to the exact day, month, or year necessary to you.

  2. The type of item being removed 

    Choose between a list of items such as case numbers, entities, calls for service, documents, or more.  

  3. Notification Settings

    Choose which members of your team should be notified at the moment an item is deleted, and choose the style of notification they will receive.

Security On Every Level With Access Controls

With Administrative access controls applied to your cases and data it is easy to ensure that only those that should see something, see something. Multiple levels of access give the right amount of control for any member of your organization. To learn more about how access controls can keep your organization secure, visit the Administrative Controls page.

Utilize Innovative Records Management Software Designed by FBI Agents

You can handle your evidence securely and efficiently with records management software from Kaseware. We developed our premier investigative platform to help law enforcement, intelligence agencies and corporate security personnel manage their investigations, records and evidence more easily than ever with our suite of advanced tools. Our team has programmed every feature you could possibly need in one centralized space.

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