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Kaseware 3.8 Now Live

By Korinne Condie

Last week we released version 3.8 of Kaseware! As with all of our releases, the upgrade was completed automatically, and on the next login all of the new features were ready and waiting for every user. Some of the exciting new features and updates include:

Brand New Features in 3.8

  1. Data Import Tool: Kaseware administrators can now upload structured data documents into the system through a CSV file. This allows users to bring in large quantities of data (documents, entities, etc), and then define how the data should be ingested (formatting, naming, etc). Furthermore, users can define relationships between the data. Multiple documents can be uploaded at the same time, which allows users to create internal relationships (with data within the files) and external relationships with existing Kaseware entities and legacy documents.

  2. PDF Headers and Footers: Headers and footers can now be configured to appear on any PDF document created by the Kaseware system, allowing for customized messages, security indicators, dissemination instructions and more. 

Enhanced Features in 3.8

  1. Kaseware Timelines: Timelines can be found throughout Kaseware, everywhere from the graph, to an investigation, to search results. These timelines show when work was done by a Kaseware user. For example, when documents were filed, investigations were opened, and calls were closed.

  2. Enhanced Timeline Features in 3.8: The timeline feature has now been enhanced to also show when events occurred, so your timeline can show not only when work was completed by an investigator, but also when events occurred as part of the investigation. This allows you to visually see when events occurred across the course of your investigation in order to understand your data and find significant trends. 

The above is just a small list of new features. Kaseware users can click the “About” link inside the Kaseware platform for the complete list. Thank you to all of our Kaseware customers! With your help and feedback, we continue to grow and enhance the system for everyone.

Kaseware Version 3.8 Now Live

Click “About” inside the Kaseware platform to learn more about 3.8.

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Korinne Condie is the Director of Customer Success at Kaseware. She is a former government contractor with extensive experience in system engineering, operations and customer success within both government and corporate organizations.


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