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Kaseware Featured in Sencha Case Study

New Case Study

Kaseware is supported by several remarkable technologies. These technologies power our system’s unique capabilities, allowing our platform to be simultaneously robust and secure. One of our most critical tools comes from Sencha, who makes many different web development and testing products. Specifically, we use Sencha’s ExtJS JavaScript framework. Ext JS is a comprehensive JavaScript framework for building data-intensive, cross-platform web and mobile applications.

Kaseware and Ext JS

Our team recently sat down with Sencha to discuss how ExtJS has enabled us to build such a successful and highly secured enterprise platform. As a result, Sencha put together a customer success case study titled Kaseware & Ext JS: Designing Intelligent Investigative Solutions to Combat Security Threats. It’s an excellent case study that explains how we are able to build such a complex product that also protects our client’s highly sensitive data. To learn more, please check out the case study here.

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