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Kaseware Announces Partnership With WAVR-21

With the continuing proliferation of violence across public and private sector organizations, the ability to assess behavioral risk has never been more timely and important. According to studies by federal and media entities, the frequency of mass attacks in public places has more than tripled in the last 10 years as compared to the two previous decades. According to a 2018 Study by the US Secret Service, 70% of such incidents occur in places of business: office buildings, warehouses, tech companies, health care facilities, municipal centers and entertainment venues. 

The “disgruntled” homicidal-suicidal employee remains a sustained issue since the 1980s, with the growth of the Internet contributing to the increase in copycat attacks. Paralleling these trends is the significant increase in the fear of violence – disruptive to performance and morale; one out of seven employees feels unsafe from violence at their workplace, according to a 2019 study by the Society for Human Resource Management. The good news is the evolution and recognition of best practices for workplace violence prevention, with evidence-based assessment tools driving inquiries.


To this end, Kaseware, the premiere investigative case management software platform, is pleased to announce its partnership with WAVR-21, the foremost toolkit for assessing workplace and campus targeted violence. 

The WAVR-21 – Workplace Assessment of Violence Risk – is a 21-item coded instrument for the assessment of targeted violence risk. First published in 2007 by its co-developers, Drs. Stephen White and Reid Meloy, and now in its third edition, the WAVR-21 reflects the authors’ extensive case and forensic experience as well as a thorough review of the research and clinical literature. The WAVR-21 is an example of a structured professional judgment guide, or “SPJ.” Reflecting the current state of risk assessment technology, SPJs consist of a set of identified evidence-based risk and protective factors that guide assessments and improve the consistency, utility, and transparency of case management decision making. 

The WAVR-21 may be used by members of multidisciplinary threat assessment and management teams, who typically work in organizations, as well as by risk assessment mental health professionals who consult or conduct formal assessments in work or campus settings. Workplace violence security consultants will also find the WAVR-21 helpful, as do law enforcement professionals who assist organizations in their communities. 

Mark Dodge, Chief Business Officer of Kaseware, stated that, “Kaseware is very pleased to be part of this important partnership. With the continuing proliferation of targeted violence across both public and private organizations, we believe the unique data and link-analysis capabilities of the Kaseware solution, combined with the WAVR-21 structured assessment tool, can help to enhance the investigations of individuals who may pose a risk of harm to members of an organization. By leveraging the powerful data analytics capabilities of the Kaseware solution, combined with the WAVR-21 assessment tool, we hope to deliver further insights to support these important investigations.” 

Kaseware offers the demonstrated assessment capabilities of the WAVR-21 form through its platform’s functions that its users are already familiar with. Accessible as a dynamic document, WAVR-21 is compatible with all other sharing, documenting, and customizations included in a Kaseware subscription, providing further benefit to the WAVR-21 assessment process. 

The secondary purpose of the WAVR-21 is to capture other forms of problematic aggression. The WAVR-21 may be used to identify and assess the risk, frequency, and severity of non-homicidal aggression such as stalking, disruptive anger problems, menacing behavior and bullying. These manifestations of aggression are common and problematic in organizational settings and could also figure into the ultimate formulation of a subject who may pose a risk of targeted homicide. By incorporating scientific findings in its definition of violence risk factors, the WAVR-21 bridges the gap between research and the case management needs of practicing professionals. 

To learn more about the merging of WAVR-21 and Kaseware and the powerful threat assessment capabilities available to your organization, please contact a Kaseware representative for a free personalized consultation.


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