Meet One Of Our Founders – Dorian Deligeorges

Feb 23, 2023 | Company News

How A Former FBI Agent Founded a Company to Revolutionize Investigative Tools

Kaseware is a Colorado based software company that offers a suite of investigative tools to public and private sector organizations. Our drive to support investigators stems from the values of one of our original founders, Dorian Deligeorges, a former FBI special agent. In his time at the FBI, Dorian became a team leader on the Sentinel Project, with a mission to rebuild the FBI’s 1980’s mainframe case management system with a modern web-based system. After almost four years working along with his partner and Kaseware Co-Founder Nathan Burrows and a small team of developers, Dorian delivered a case management system that is still being used by the FBI today serving over 30,000 investigators, analysts, and support personnel.

However, Dorian saw the desperate need for modern investigative tools not just in his organization, but more broadly. He set out to build a new investigation management system, one built beyond the capabilities of Sentinel. With the large task ahead of him, Dorian relied on the skills learned during his time in the FBI to build a team of people that have the right combination of relevant investigative experience and technological skills. His focus was to create a culture of pragmatic efficiency that allows that team to move faster and more efficiently than most teams typically can, and deliver investigative tools with the utmost attention to detail. 

Dorian Deligeorges


Building Pragmatic Teams 


Before Dorian joined the mission to rebuild the FBI’s case management system, a previous attempt was made that ultimately resulted in failure. This project was made of over 300 contractors and tens of government personnel. When a stop-work order was issued on the project, Dorian was asked to choose a new team of developers to complete the job, and decided to take a different approach when building his team. 

“I quickly realized that having nearly 400 people on a software delivery team was unnecessary and almost impossible to manage effectively.” says Dorian. “From that pool, I chose about 15 people to join us in developing Sentinel. My goal was to create an environment that was just as structured as we needed it to be without becoming suffocating, letting people be innovative and operate within an agile framework.”

Dorian saw that a small and experienced team who understands the organization as well as the technology, under a leadership structure that cuts through the bureaucracy, will more effectively deliver high quality results. Bringing this mindset outside of the FBI, Kaseware was built with a focus on being relentlessly efficient, collaborative, and agile, with a focus on delivering working software above all else. The criteria for choosing Kaseware’s leaders evolved from Sentinel, and Dorian wanted to build the core of his team around those who understood the mission and the needs of investigators. The company is fortunate to have former FBI special agents, intelligence executives, a Director of NCIS, and members of the DOD among our team. 


A Dynamic and Configurable System


In the early stages of Kaseware, Dorian and his team recognized that there was no standardized way to accomplish the broader investigative mission. While different personnel within an organization would use the functions of the system differently, it was essential to create a single platform instead of focusing on just one part of an organization’s processes. Organizations were solving crime as a team and they needed a tool that recognized that.  Tools for storing data like cases, records, and evidence are paired with analytic tools such as Link Analysis, Geospatial Mapping, and in-platform reporting. By providing their users with the whole picture in a single system and making that system highly configurable, Kaseware can offer its customers something that appears to be custom-built for each member of the team and department in the organization, without the need for a custom-built solution.

Dorian and his team helped foster another of the fundamental attributes of Kaseware today: allowing every aspect of the platform to be configurable to the user’s needs. Through Administrative Controls, elements like the language used throughout the platform, its functions, and the level of access among users can be adjusted to exact preferences. The Kaseware platform also delivers a wide range of flexibility in its form-building process and the way features can be used together. Kaseware’s dynamic form and workflow components were created to address the many ways organizations collect, present, share, and store data. Dorian’s guidance in creating the initial design of Kaseware this way helped make the investigative process more effective by streamlining the sharing of data, connecting the dots between departments, and improving the way those in charge could assess information. 


Revolutionizing The Way Investigators Work


Dorian’s time in the FBI helped him develop skills and values that have been integral in building Kaseware’s suite of investigative tools. Dorian’s experience in the FBI taught him the importance of being detail oriented, having a focused, efficient, and agile team, and the impact technology can have while supporting investigators. These skills and values have helped Kaseware build a system that is flexible, adaptable, and customizable to the unique needs of each user. 

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