Announcing an Enhanced Collaboration Feature for Fusion Centers

Apr 11, 2022 | Company News


Kaseware is excited to announce a new offering for our fusion center customers! Kaseware will be offering specific licenses for a fusion center’s Terrorist Liason Officers (TLO’s) to view documents and author reports within the product. For the first time, TLO’s will have the ability to work within the same system as the analysts at a fusion center, enhancing their ability to work as a team while performing their mission-critical work.

This new capability is critical for the entire fusion center network, and the team is excited to remove barriers to ensure networks are able to benefit immediately. 

TLO’s Vital Role within the National Fusion Center Network

This is to recognize the vital role TLO’s serve within the National Fusion Center Network. In order to strengthen the level of communication between the TLO’s and the fusion center analysts, Kaseware is offering this program designed to empower the information sharing within the TLO network.

Fusion centers are designed to promote information sharing between agencies at the Federal level, such as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies serving communities throughout the nation. This is best done when fusion center analysts have as much information as possible to develop actionable intelligence. Crucial to that collection are Terrorist Liaison Officers (TLO) that function as the eyes and ears of the fusion center within the communities it helps protect. The TLO’s primary function is to recognize the significance of information/intelligence and share that insight with the fusion center.

Kaseware is proud to support this important mission and the community of fusion centers that make it successful. 

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