3 Reviews That Make Us Proud

Aug 6, 2019 | Customer Success

By Mark Dodge

Why We Do What We Do

Kaseware was founded to bring critical software to those who need it most: those who dedicate their lives to keeping others safe. This includes everyone from law enforcement to the military to corporate security to non-profits to private security and beyond.

Investigation Software Crisis

Our story began when we built the much-needed investigation system for the United States FBI. During this process, we began to see that countless other organizations were lacking this type of software. There clearly was a dire need for affordable and effective investigation software, at all levels of government as well as private and non-government sectors.

We talk everyday with departments that are frustrated with their current situation. Some have no software at all and make do with Microsoft Excel. Some piece together several different systems, all made by different companies. Others find that their systems are clunky, slow, hard-to-navigate and unreliable. Some find their systems to be too expensive. Many wanted an alternative but couldn’t afford it, or thought their only option was to build a custom system that was astronomically expensive and had a high risk of failure.

That’s why our users are so excited when they first see our product. Many don’t realize they could have all the functionality they need in one single platform. They didn’t realize there could be such an easy to use case management system at such an affordable price. They also didn’t know they could have such excellent customer support on an ongoing basis.

Reviews That Make Us Proud

It is our greatest joy to make our customers lives easier and safer. That’s why we are so proud of reviews like these.

International Security Consulting

Review from former federal agent John Whalen

“As a retired US federal agent, Kaseware is the case management system I wish my former agency had deployed. It would not only have saved time but would have automatically identified linked investigations. Now currently engaged in overseas security consulting and due diligence, I have found Kaseware to be the perfect solution to manage our work-flow, track incidents, and to identify linkages between investigations.”




Fighting Against Human Trafficking

Review from CEO of Deliver Fund

“Kaseware has been an incredible partner, and with their help we have had some historic moments in the fight against human trafficking that would not have otherwise been possible. If you need relevant intelligence analysis tools built by incredible people, this your solution.”




Daily Police Operations


Review from Police Chief Dan Brown“As one of the first law enforcement agencies in the country to roll out Kaseware in its entirety, the Winslow Police Department has experienced a revolutionary change in how day-to-day operations are handled. Kaseware is truly an integrated, cloud-based technology that far surpasses anything else I have encountered in my career. I am routinely amazed at the level of service and support Kaseware has provided to us. Kasware was created, and is ran by, men and women who understand the needs of the law enforcement profession… because they have done it themselves.”



Thank you to these customers and for giving us the opportunity to help make the world a safer place. Read more of our reviews or schedule a demo to learn more about us today.

Mark Dodge is the Chief Business Officer at Kaseware. He is a former intelligence officer with extensive experience in both public safety and corporate security software solutions.